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christian nutt

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[sticky post] attention [Jun. 23rd, 2013|11:36 pm]
christian nutt
so i really am not actively posting here anymore, and though i might then and again, you should really know you can find me elsewhere:


and of course

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so i know i said i wouldn't manu-repost tumblr anymore but this one is kinda important [Jun. 24th, 2013|09:03 pm]
christian nutt

please read this so you can understand what's at stake as the supreme court hands down its decisions on DOMA and prop 8. thanks.
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manual retumble [May. 30th, 2013|09:28 pm]
christian nutt
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(no subject) [May. 29th, 2013|11:07 am]
christian nutt
of interest to those here:


my take on MS' self-publishing policy problems on xbox one.
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few things [May. 10th, 2013|11:07 pm]
christian nutt

kinda DONE talking about that third one but i figured i'd share them all because if you still are hanging on and miss seeing me blog, well, there is me blogging.
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tumblr [Apr. 15th, 2013|03:16 pm]
christian nutt
so, i did my first tumblr post of any substance. you can read it here:


it is on cartoonist/graphic novelist alison bechdel and my relationship to her and her work.


i am not 100% sure if i am going to keep going with tumblr. i see two big & obvious pros and cons.

CON: by default, it doesn't allow comments, and i'll have to enable them via a 3rd party solution like disqus.
PRO: people use tumblr a lot right now. nobody uses lj anymore.

the CON is emblematic about the bigger problem with tumblr, is that it's not really a content-creation engine and more of a sharing engine. of course, a lot of people ARE using it to power "real" blogs these days, i think due to the critical mass it's attracting, so this is less of a salient criticism of the platform than it was a year or even six months ago.

anyway, i dunno. there's no point in pretending that things are anything other than what they are: lj is not going to bounce back.

i will continue to post links to tumblr posts here, but i am doing it manually. of course, that assumes further tumblr posts. tbd, as i said.
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2013 o_O [Apr. 6th, 2013|12:58 am]
christian nutt
soul hackers
pikmin 3
wonderful 101
animal crossing
tales of xilla
project X zone
rune factory 3DS
bravely default?

too busy.
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virtue's last reward [Jan. 11th, 2013|04:19 pm]
christian nutt
one of my favorite, perhaps my very favorite games of last year, was virtue's last reward (the sequel to 999, available for 3DS and vita.) i think it's a significant game, in terms of what it does for design and narrative, and i fought to get it onto the gamasutra top 10 for 2012. (i didn't have to fight hard!)

anyway, today i published a feature that comes out of an extensive Q&A with its director, kotaro uchikoshi, and a lot of thinking on my part.


read it if you're interested in the game, game narrative and design, or japanese media culture. no spoilers, it may be worth saying.
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change of pace [Nov. 24th, 2012|04:31 pm]
christian nutt
i'm on the latest episode of 1UP's games dammit podcast talking about (title aside) the evangelion anime, because the new movie just released in japan. it's a super insane nerd typhoon. i talk a LOT. spoiler heavy, it may go without saying. the first segment isn't, though, if you're just curious about eva.
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new place! [Nov. 24th, 2012|12:48 am]
christian nutt
soooooo after 2.5 years or so at my place in emeryville i decided to get a new place. particularly after talking it over with francesco. it's too small and cramped for the both of us, when he comes to visit. hell, it's a little small for me.

what really sold me on leaving is this: it has all the downsides of an urban dwelling (noise, screaming crazy people at 2AM, crime) but all of the downsides of the suburbs (the "local businesses" outside my door are: safeway, subway, target, panera, best buy, etc. well, i'll miss panera. but.)

i decided why not go on full-suburban. i already drive everywhere fun, or take public transit. and bart is all over. i settled on san leandro: it's very central to every spoke of the bay area, and i have friends all over. it's still close to oakland (and the good and bad that entails!) and convenient.

i ended up lucking into finding a really nice duplex that a new owner just picked up and renovated. i'll be the first inhabitant since it was fixed up. built in 1951, but in fantastic condition. we'll have SO much space now, it'll be fantastic.

i won't go into the agonizing day i spent going back and forth between two properties (same rent, different pros, different cons). it was horrid. but i'm optimistic that i made the right choice, because this is a place i feel like i could stay for a long time. really hope it works out that way. moving sucks.

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